Wrexham US label mock

The Beer

Wrexham Lager has impeccably balanced malt and hop characteristics resulting in a fresh, crisp taste on the palate. Deceptively smooth for its strength, easy to drink and a perfect session beer.  

Wrexham Lager is a lager brewed in Wrexham, north-east Wales, tracing its heritage to 1881. After the original brewery's closure in 2000, the brand was revived by the Roberts family in 2011 using an older recipe.

In 1881, a brewery was set up by German immigrants in the centre of Wrexham. The original beer was exported internationally in the 19th century. The brand's exports decreased during World War II, leading to its purchase by Ind Coope, and later Carlsberg-Tetley. Carlsberg closed the original brewery in the early 2000s, which it later demolished, with only the brewery building remaining.

In 2011, the brand was revived in Bangor-on-Dee, using the same ingredients in an older recipe of the original lager.