Dave Sutula, Curtis Sheetz and John Bikis visit Castle Bran in Transylvania and toast Vlad Țepeș with a few glasses of Vlad Imperial Stout


29.4°P   •   72 IBU   •   13.1% ABV

Vlad has developed a cult following among those who appreciate extreme beers. For this 8th annual release in 2024, we aged the beer on bourbon barrel heartwood for a new dimension of depth, intensity, and complexity. This special release, like its predecessors, is a worthy tribute to its namesake, the Romanian folk hero Vlad the Impaler.  

Like the original Vlad, this is bold, unapologetic beer and will make an impression that will not be soon forgotten.

Look for an intensely dark beer with a creamy tan head, smooth and robust roasted aromas supported by flavours of coffee and dark chocolate with a warming, but not overwhelming, finish.