18.6°P   •   80 IBU   •   8% ABV

Terp; Tenacious Eighth is our special release for our 8th anniversary  on September 5, 2023.  It is at once a celebration of our past and all the people who have come through our doors and cracked open our cans and a look forward to the future of Royal Docks and the kinds of beers we hope to produce over the next 8 years.

The operative goodness of any IPA is the aromatic and flavour compounds imparted chiefly by hops and to some extent by yeast. Terp takes it all to another level by infusing terpenes and other botanical compounds derived from natural sources including peaches, pine cones and elderflowers in ratios borrowed from certain strains of cannabis creating a dankness unachievable with hops alone.

Look for beautifully balanced and intensely saturated dankness beneath super vibrant, fresh essences of lemon, pine and tree fruits.