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14.3°P   •   ~13 IBU   •   5.9% ABV

Pendragon is a refreshing and spritzy white ale brewed with unmalted white winter wheat along with many of the herbs and spices you'd expect for a beer brewed in the Belgian witbier tradition - delicate but zippy coriander and bitter orange peel among them.

Look for flavours and aromas contributed by the unexpected spices - heather, chamomile and fresh orange pith & peel along with other species native to the granite slopes of the Welsh countryside.

Pendragon is a spritzy, white ale brewed with herbs and spices. It is a Royal Docks original in that no other brewery makes a beer of this style.

Like all of our beers, it's made with local, Ohio-grown malted barley but also utilizes a host of unexpected spices native to northern Europe to round out a delicate palate and nose. Look for an unexpected combination of flavours and aromas from heather, chamomile, orange pith and coriander among the 12 herbs used to make this unique ale.