Doenstream Jan New Look Can


11°P   •   12 IBU   •   5% ABV

Like all our beers, Downstream Jam is made with local, Ohio-grown malted barley but the real stars of the show are our proprietary blend of yeasts acting in conjunction with an obscene quantity of Montmorency Cherries to produce a fizz, flavour and aroma reminiscent of Italian table wine with an unexpected earthy finish that reminds one of sucking that last bit of fruit flesh from the cherry’s pit.

DSJ is a tart tug-of-war between dark black cherries and the benevolent bacteria lactobacillus. Prickly and floral, tangy with a touch of salt, it’s a palatable reminder of the far-off buzz of summer cicadas playing backup to the aroma of cherry blossoms and fresh mown grass.

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