17°P   •   30 IBU   •   7% ABV

While the word ‘stout’ has come to mean a dark beer, the original meaning as applied by brewers was “strong”.  Once upon a time, there were stout brown ales, stout pale ales and even stout mild ales. 

Once porter brewers - Arthur Guinness chiefly among them - commandeered the word to mean a stout, or strong, porter, the die was cast for ‘stout’ to mean a dark beer.  We have hereby rehabilitated and improved the genre by restoring the idea of strength while not altogether losing the hallmark flavours and aromas that have made stouts a beloved style all over the world.

Our white stout is a golden pale, full bodied and strong. We’ve added back the chocolate love, roastiness and vanilla notes with healthy doses of the real McCoy; Ghanaian cocoa nibs, Chanchamayo coffee and Madagascar vanilla beans  . At a strength of 7% this is a true stout in the historical sense of the word unlike many modern stouts of any colour.