Can of Cascadian Driftwood


19°P   •   50 IBU   •   8% ABV

Cascadian Driftwood is a chorus of voices crying for a cold, roasty thing with lots of west coast hops and an ABV befitting people who make their homes in the land of snow and have winter in their blood even during the few months of summery reprieve.  We mudlarked Driftwood from the chaotic underbelly of the Brewhouse where hybrid is normal, nothing is ordinary and the only way to ride is with a Gypsy Tailwind.

Look for a slightly burnt caramel coloured head sitting atop a near black beer.  A creamy texture girds roasted, coffee-like notes adorned with west-coast IPA hoppiness from Centennial, Citra, Simcoe and New Zealand Motueka varieties.